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A moderator * is a person, or a small group of people, who preside over these message boards (hereby known as 'forum') to preserve order and regulate proceedings, constantly being within and observing reasonable or average limits. * is within due bounds, not being excessive, violent, rigorous, limited and restrained when preserving order, and one who shows no extremity in actions. - has the authority to edit, delete, and move thread(s). - has the authority to edit and delete individual posts in a thread. - has the authority to lock and unlock and stick and unstick a thread. A Sticky is a thread dedicated to useful and valuable information pertaining to a forum. A Spamming "To post irrelevant or inappropriate messages to one or more Usenet newsgroups, mailing lists, or other messaging system in deliberate or accidental violation of netiquette." Summarized and simplified: Posting random or inappropriate messages violating the rules, purposely or accidentally. That is the definition of spamming, straight off of Memorize it, save it in your UCP, do whatever it takes to remember this for it is the definition that will be used when moderating the forum. Consequences for spamming are as follows: First offense - Verbal warning in the topic you were caught committing your first offense. (We are not responsible for any misunderstandings that may take place later on because you did not see this warning.) Second offense - A three-day suspension from the forum. Third and final offense - You will be banned from the forum. A Flaming * is a virtual term for venting emotion online; rude and uncalled for comments, with or without of the intent of expressing such remarks. * is an insulting criticism or remark on member(s) and opinion(s); to incite anger, and by this means, repeatedly violates such regulation, regardless of when one is warned or not; * shall be punished as seen fit by the moderators First offense - A posted verbal warning. Second offense - A two-day suspension from the forum. Third offense - A one-week suspension from the forum. Fourth and final offense - You will be banned from the forum. Remember: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, not yours. A Meaningless threads * are ones created with no purpose, or ones that contain irrelevant, or inappropriate content and/or material. Such threads shall be reviewed by moderator(s) for appropriateness, and as such, decides its fate. * are made for the sole purpose of achieving attention * shall be punished as seen fit by the moderators. First offense - A posted verbal warning. Second offense - A two-day suspension from the forum. Third offense - A one-week suspension from the forum. Fourth and final offense - You will be banned from the forum. An Advertising The only place you may advertise, is in the Other Discussions section. If you post an advertisement of any sort in any other part of the forum, consequences will follow. That includes (but is not limited to) posting a URL, a graphic, a link, or a couple sentences telling members to go to your forum. (This rule does not pertain to member signatures.) First offense - A two-day suspension from the forum. Second offense - You will be banned from the forum. (Note: The same consequences will follow for PM advertising.) Advertising should be one of those 'you learn from your mistakes' kind of things, so you only get one chance to make up. The only files accepted in this forum * Pictures : .bmp - .png - .jpg - .gif - .tif * Sounds : .mp3 - .m4a - .wma * Videos : .mp4 - .mov - .m4v - .mpg - .3gp - .3g2 - .wmv Documents : .txt - .doc - .docm - .docx - .pps - .ppt - .pptm - .pptx - .xls - .xlsb - .xlsm - .xlsx - .pdf * Misc : .zip - .swf note: .jar and .sis file is not accepted *Please limit the size of your attachments because the forum's memory capacity is only 20 mb The allowed picture size is 450x400 only, same with your signatures (maximum size - medium). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that the Rules and Regulations of the forum may change any time that the staff and/or administration feels necessary.
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PostSubject: READ THIS ANNOUNCEMENT    Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:25 pm

Sa lahat po ng members ng forum na ito magpost lang po tayo sa tamang CATEGORY at FORUM!!! Sundin lang po ang tamang pagpopost ng topic dahil kung hindi ay aming buburahin ang inyong post!!! Maraming salamat cyclops cyclops po
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